Nvidia has laid out its attention to the chipset and processor provider for the world’s leading autonomous machines. That plan is starting to take shape now, with the company recently making its new Jetson AGX Xavier module available for purchase.

The module is specifically designed to imbue autonomous machines with AI capabilities, with Nvidia boldly stating that million of devices across a myriad industries will benefit from such an offering.

“Developers can use Jetson AGX Xavier to build the autonomous machines that will solve some of the world’s toughest problems,” the company explained in a press statement.

As for the design of the Jetson AGX Xavier it utilises a six processor setup for the SoC module, along with an eight core ARM chip also in the mix. Added to this is a Volta-based GPU, a pair of NVDLA deep learning chips, as well as specific components to handle image, video and vision for the module.

Nvidia also says the Jetson AGX Xavier sips slowly when it comes to power consumption, using an estimated 10W. It can also do quite a bit of multitasking, capable of handling up to 30 trillion computing tasks per second, which is tidy indeed.

When it comes to cost Nvidia is selling the Jetson AGX Xavier for $1 099, but can only be purchased in batches of 1000-plus units.

To give you an idea of the range of industries where this module will be put to use, Nvidia already has orders lined up with Chinese retailer JD.com, Yamaha’s drone division and DNA sequencing firm Nanopore.