Have you since retired your status as a Pokemon Go trainer, but are looking for a good excuse to enter the fray once again?

Well developers Niantic Labs sent out a tweet a couple of hours ago from the Pokemon Go App account confirming that PvP battles are now live for the game.

There was an initial caveat though, as you can see in the tweet above, with the mode only available to level 40 trainers and higher.

Luckily that level cap has since dropped significantly according to The Verge, with level 10 trainers now capable of joining the PvP action as well. This too will be the new minimum requirement for the mode moving forward.

As for how battles will work, you’ll need to be in the same location as your would-be opponent, with the ability to engage in fights accessible if they’re in your friends list or via a QR code scan.

There is also the function to remotely battle those trainers with whom you have achieved Best of Ultra friend status with, as well as the ability to battle against an in-game AI team leader.

Along with bringing an actual Pokemon experience to the Go game now, competing in the PvP battles will also earn you in-game rewards such as the highly coveted Sinnoh Stone. This item is particularly sought after as it will allow you to evolve your Pokemon to their highest forms.

These rewards are also said to be accessible up to three times a day.

We haven’t tried out the new PvP mode just yet, but with the holidays a little over a week away, now there is something extra to do while load shedding is in play.