With the year quickly coming to a close (much to the delight of most), Google has released its findings showing what the world searched for in 2018.

The search engine has split the results into nine separate categories with 10 searches each. You can find the full list down below this story, or on the dedicated splash page.

The overall most popular search was for the FIFA World Cup which took place in Russia in June. This topic also took top spot in the news section.

Meghan Markle – the Duchess of Sussex – was the world’s trendiest person, at least when it comes to Google searches.

For other people Sylvester Stallone topped the charts (presumably because of a death hoax) in the actors category, Tristan Thompson for athletes, and Avicii was the most searched in the “loss” section.

In entertainment things are still grim as Demi Lovato was at the top of “bands and musicians”, most likely due to her public battle with drug addiction.

Better news for Marvel fans as their films got all four top spots in the movies section. Black Panther hit number one with Deadpool 2, Venom and Infinity War following on.

All of these searches are the worldwide results, but you can see our breakdown of the South African results right here.

Before we get to the full list it’s worth noting Google’s approach to compiling these results. They state that they’re based on “the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year”, which implies momentary popularity wins out here over prolonged interest in any one category.

While that is a bit vague you can click on each result on the page to see a more detailed breakdown of the search trends.

1) World Cup
2) Avicii
3) Mac Miller
4) Stan Lee
5) Black Panther
6) Meghan Markle
7) Anthony Bourdain
8) XXXTentacion
9) Stephen Hawking
10) Kate Spade

1) World Cup
2) Hurricane Florence
3) Mega Millions Result
4) Royal Wedding
5) Election Results
6) Hurricane Michael
7) Kavanaugh Confirmation
8) Florida Shooting
9) Greve dos caminhoneiros
10) Government Shutdown

1) Meghan Markle
2) Demi Lovato
3) Sylvester Stallone
4) Logan Paul
5) Khloé Kardashian
6) Jair Bolsonaro
7) Brett Kavanaugh
8) Hailey Baldwin
9) Stormy Daniels
10) Cardi B

1) Sylvester Stallone
2) Logan Paul
3) Pete Davidson
4) Bill Cosby
5) Noah Centineo
6) Donald Glover
7) Allison Mack
8) Gary Oldman
9) सपना चौधरी
10) Roseanne Barr

1) Tristan Thompson
2) Alexis Sánchez
3) Lindsey Vonn
4) Shaun White
5) Khabib Nurmagomedov
6) Kawhi Leonard
7) Naomi Osaka
8) Philippe Coutinho
9) Conor McGregor
10) Harry Kane

1) Avicii
2) Mac Miller
3) Stan Lee
4) Anthony Bourdain
5) XXXTentacion
6) Stephen Hawking
7) Kate Spade
8) Aretha Franklin
9) Sridevi
10) Burt Reynolds

1) Black Panther
2) Deadpool 2
3) Venom
4) Avengers: Infinity War
5) Bohemian Rhapsody
6) A Star Is Born
7) Incredibles 2
8) The Nun
9) A Quiet Place
10) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Musicians and Bands
1) Demi Lovato
2) Cardi B
3) Daniel Küblböck
4) Travis Scott
5) Rick Ross
6) 6ix9ine
7) 山口 達也
8) Childish Gambino
9) 吉澤 ひとみ
10) Nick Jonas

TV Shows
1) 延禧攻略
2) Altered Carbon
3) บุพเพสันนิวาส
4) मोटू पतलू
5) Roseanne
6) The Haunting of Hill House
7) Lost in Space
8) Grande Fratello
9) Segundo Sol
10) Bodyguard

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