Much like death and taxes, cybercrime has become an inescapable reality of modern living.

As part of an ongoing outreach programme, Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams visited the Eastern Cape village of Sakhela to educate locals about the dangers of cybercrime.

“Some people in the villages fall victim to cybercrime because… they are looking for better opportunities. They get phone calls from people claiming to be in Gauteng, offering them opportunities. They get excited without thinking that there are crooks out there who only want to rob them,” Ndabeni-Abrahams told SA News.

“Our citizens are more susceptible to cyber criminals during this period as they are more relaxed, less vigilant and less aware of the dangers around them,” the minister added.

The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services has an ongoing programme which seeks to educate citizens about the threats and vulnerabilities that exist online.

By doing this the department hopes to instill a sense of confidence in citizens when they transact and interact online.

The department went on to advise that South Africans remain vigilant over the festive season both online and out in the real world.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]