Slay the Spire has been making waves in the indie scene since its release into Steam’s Early Access back in November of 2017, and now it has a launch date for its 1.0.

In a patch update on Steam, developers Mega Crit Games announced that their game would be officially launching in January of next year, which would also come with a price increase.

No exact dollar amount has been given as of yet, but the new price will come into effect when the Steam Winter Sale is over.

The Winter Sale is rumoured to start on 20th December and should last until the new year, so that will be the best time to buy Slay the Spire as it will still have its Early Access pricing on top of the Steam Sale discount.

The game is currently selling for $15.99, which translates to a regional pricing in South Africa of R169.

If you’ve somehow missed this game entirely, it’s a unique blend of card game and roguelike. Those worried about yet another digital card game to add onto the pile can put them to rest as this is a purely single player experience focused on deck building.

There’s no booster packs to gamble on and no need to compete with others, unless you have a liking for leaderboards.

While we haven’t dived into the game ourselves (we didn’t want to burn out on it before release), we’ve been following it closely and are confident in buying it the second it’s released.

While we would usually advise against such things, the fact that so many glowing reviews have come out of the Early Access portion of the game has us very confident in that purchase.

If you’re on the fence we recommend the longer form video on the game below, which was made shortly after the game’s initial launch.

Slay the Spire will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we’re not sure if the launch date of 23rd January applies to that version of the game.