YouTube has warned users that their subscriber counts might drop as it deals with spam accounts.

In a forum post published yesterday, YouTube alerted users that it had recently discovered a bug that caused some spam to remain on YouTube despite its efforts to keep the platform spam free.

As you might be aware, spam accounts can be used to prop up a channel’s subscriber count. This can then in turn be used to enter YouTube’s Partner Program which has a number of benefits for creators.

As such, channels which have inflated subscriber numbers thanks to spam accounts will notice a dramatic dip in their numbers.

“Removing spam from the platform helps ensure that YouTube remains a fair playing field for everyone and should result in higher confidence that you’re organically building a community of authentic fans,” YouTube said.

Channel owners that have had spam subscribers removed will be notified of such via a banner in YouTube Studio or Classic Creator Studio.

It’s important to note that spam accounts will often subscribe to a number of channels at once in an attempt to fly under YouTube’s radar, for this reason you might have spam accounts subscribed to your channel without knowing about it.

You can read more about YouTube’s spam policy over here.

The spam cleanup is expected to be completed today.

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