At CES 2018 at the begging of this year LG showcased its prototype rollable OLED displays. The South Korean company has been playing around with the flexible technology for some time and the Las Vegas-based event allowed them to debut a 65″ screen.

For next year’s CES 2019, which is only a couple of weeks away, the manufacturer will once again have a rollable OLED display on show. The difference this time around is that these will be models that they plan to make commercially available later in 2019.

At this stage it’s unclear when LG plans to send them to market, or indeed which regions of the world will be able to get their hands on the tech.

As far as how the rollable displays work, think of it as being the same as the screens that projectors often beam their image to. According to Bloomberg, which cites sources close to the LG Display team, the offering will feature a flexible panel that can retract into a base housing of some kind.

It can also hide side portions of the panel to better showcase content that’s shot on wider angle ratios to ensure there’s no letterboxing for videos, movies, or whatever else you have planned for the displays.

There’s no mention of what LG plans to call this new product, or how much it will cost. We’re also yet to see it in action so LG’s booth should be one of the more busy ones at CES 2019.

Add to that LG’s reported plan to have a foldable phone on show too, akin to Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy F, and 2019 could be a significant year for LG.

We’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to see what they have in store though.