If you’ve been holding off on Google’s experimental Project Stream platform, the company has teamed up with game developer Ubisoft in order to entice more gamers to use its service.

More specifically if gamer’s play one hour of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via Project Stream they’ll get a free PC/Mac version of the title via Ubisoft’s Uplay portal. This offer is restricted to those in the United States for now unfortunately, as Project Stream too is a Stateside platform at the moment.

If you qualify for the offer, you’ll also receive 1 000 Helix in-game credits ($10). All items purchased with said credits will be available to gamers regardless of what platform they play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft confirmed in an announcement blog.

This “test” as Google is calling it will be up for grabs until 15th January.

It should prove interesting to see how this test unfolds, especially as the idea of streaming games has taken off recently.

Along with Google announcing Project Stream in October this year, Microsoft is also said to be toying with the idea of streaming some of its games, with rumours of them designing a streaming-specific console as well.

As such the next few years could see all the big gaming manufacturers and publishers vying for dominance in the streaming space. With Google not a household name on the gaming landscape, it seems like Project Stream is helping to give the firm a head start on the competition.