If you’re at all interested in documentaries focused on game development, the Noclip YouTube channel is definitely where you should be subscribed, especially with their upcoming content around Hades.

While Noclip usually focuses on games that have launched – with their development cycle mainly over – this will be different as Hades is in early access right now and is still being actively worked on.

Another change is that this will not be one documentary, but will instead play out in episodes as the team behind Noclip documents the games changes as well as shedding light on how new titles are made.

You can watch a short trailer of how this series will play out, embedded below. For now, all you need to do is subscribe to the channel and wait for more content to come. You can also become a patron to support their work which will grant you access to early screenings of extra content.

If you’d like to give Hades a try, you’ll have to pledge $20 (~R287) to it in its unfinished state, which is available only on the recently launched Epic Store.

Finally, the “Developing Hell” part of the series name is rather clever. It’s a play on the term development hell which describes the creation of a game, movie or other big media property that languishes in production and is met with many problems on the road to release (or cancellation). It works here as the game Hades is set in a stylised Greek version of hell and the game is even named after the god of the dead.