Leica is the latest big brand to lend their name to a LEGO product, but they’re doing so in an unofficial way.

Unlike Overwatch or Voltron who have worked with LEGO to create sets you can buy in stores, Leica looks to be doing this on their own, enlisting the help of the LEGO community to make a third party products which still use official bricks.

That help comes in the form of Chris McVeigh – a talented builder and popular name in the community for his range of custom creations he sells through his site either as complete sets or in the form of instructions which allow you to build his works with your own bricks.

Looking at what’s on offer here, Leica Store Miami will be selling two versions of their M Cameras in LEGO form. One black / grey and the other brown / grey. You can see how these look as finished models below.

These aren’t just colour differences as each model has a slightly different build. Despite these differences each camera costs $45 (~R645) and measures in at 7.6 X 5 X3.2 centimetres.

We couldn’t find an official number of pieces for each build, so we counted them up manually. Assuming we didn’t miscount, the black / grey version is 122 pieces and the brown / grey is 119. This is rather poor value as you usually expect to pay around 10 US cents per piece in regular sets. We know this is custom and should cost a bit more, but this is a bit much.

If you have money to burn, however, you can pre-order the black / grey or the brown / grey models right now.

Alternatively, the instructions for the black / grey and brown / grey builds can be had online for free (you will need these regardless as the ones sold by the store do not contain instructions).

If you don’t already have a LEGO collection to pull from, your best bet is the third party marketplace BrickLink. It’s a bit difficult to use but it’s the cheapest way to get bricks. Make sure you search out stores by country so you can avoid international shipping.

[Via – PetaPixel]
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