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Chrome 71 update now blocks ads on deceptive sites

Google has released the latest version of its Chrome browser (release 71) and this latest iteration places a particular focus on blocking ads from deceptive websites as the company terms it.

According to an update blog posted by Google, release 71.0.3578.80 contains fixes that specifically address “abusive” sites that feature fake system warnings, non-functional close buttons and other content that tries to trick users on a consistent basis.

As for the sites that Google marks as abusive, they’ll been given 30 days to clean up things on their website or run the risk of losing access to the breadth of online services that the company offers.

There are a few other elements added to the latest release too, such as the ability to notify users when the true costs or terms of a transaction are being hidden, along with informing you when a website is trying to get you to subscribe without your knowledge.

Should a site receive a warning from Google for infringing on any of its abusive policies, there will be an appeal process.

With it unclear how long that will take, and the potentially damaging effect that receiving a Google warning could have on users reaching a site, it’s probably best that websites clean up their act now.

Chrome 71 is currently available to those running Windows 10, macOS and Linux, with mobile users set to receive the update on iOS and Android devices in coming weeks.

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