Eskom says probability of load shedding will remain low until mid-January

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The festive season will be lit, in the electrical sense of the word, as Eskom declares that the probability of load shedding will remain low through to 13th January 2019.

The primary reason for this is the festive season itself.

“The probability of load shedding remains low from today until Sunday 13th January 2019. This is as a result of the expected decrease in demand as businesses and industries close down for the festive break,” Eskom said in a statement.

With that having been said however the utility states that the situation could change at any time.

“Heavy rains over the December to March period could impact coal handling and feeding to the boilers with a potential impact on generation production,” Eskom added.

Should there be a need for load shedding customers will be informed.

It should also be noted that load shedding and power outages are two separate beasts. Should you find your lights have gone out unexpectedly we urge you to first check with Eskom on social media (we find the Twitter account particularly useful) to see whether it has declared load shedding. Should there be no mention of the festivity then you should contact Eskom or your municipality to report the outage.

The utility also said that it will intensify its maintenance activities over the December period in an effort to improve capacity. We tend to think that this is more vital than “no load shedding over the festive season” as when businesses cranks up again in January, keeping the lights on will be far more important.

For now though we’ll celebrate this small victory.

[Source – Eskom]
[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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