Facebook’s Year in Review looks at 2018’s most talked about moments

As 2018 comes to an end it’s time to do the obligatory recap of the past 12 months. Doing so from a social media perspective is Facebook, which recently released their Year in Review roundup.

The social media giant had a pretty rough year in terms of public relations, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and increased pressure to better police its platform miring Facebook in quite a bit of controversy.

Naturally Facebook has opted to shy away from such stories, instead focusing on the feel-good ones, and those which marked important moments for the globe as a whole.

In terms of the most talked about moment of the year, International Women’s Day (8 March) ranked number one, making it two years in a row. Whereas 2018 focused on the day itself, Facebook said this time round much of the conversations centred around issues of inequality and causes aimed at uplifting women.

Another event that drew a lot of attention early on in the year was the March for Our Lives, which happened in the wake of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. It sparked debate around gun control, with more than one million people showing interest, and helped to stoke the political fires for many youth across the globe, says Facebook.

On the lighter side of things the 2018 FIFA World Cup naturally garnered plenty of involvement on the platform. In particular Facebook says it generated 2.3 billion posts from roughly 383 million football fans.

Locally the celebration of Nelson Mandela 100 was a big talking point, marking a century since the birth of one of this nation’s greatest leaders and ambassadors. Facebook says the event help to spur on far more social justice and human rights initiatives as a result.

To enjoy Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review in video format (vertically for some reason), give the clip below a watch.

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