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htxt.africast – AWS, load shedding, AMG and Artifact

While we pride ourselves on each africast being different with a diverse range of topics, today’s edition is the most varied one we’ve produced in recent memory.

We start off with the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference, where we had feet on the ground in Las Vegas. Strange Americanisms aside (they don’t use chip readers over there!) the event was very interesting and we got to cover a lot of it. See the splash page linked below for more.

Next up we return home for that old South African Boogeyman load shedding, which has returned in stage 2 form. See how we got back to this nightmare and how you can make sure you’re not caught in the dark.

For something a bit happier we got to attend an AMG Track Experience thanks to Cell C. There we participated in three different driving courses and we got to drive a semi-truck. Thankfully it was an automatic, the Mercedes-Benz instructors were great, but we doubt they could have taught us to drive a vehicle with a dozen gears on a skid pan in an afternoon.

Finally we end with card games, specifically the new one from Valve in Artifact. While it does have its problems, it’s a good time, and we do suggest a lot of alternatives if it doesn’t sound good for you.

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[Image – Mercedes-Benz South Africa]

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