One week with the Samsung Galaxy Watch

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With the wearable smart device market gaining momentum over the past few years, Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch finds itself at the forefront of this segment.

Merging sleek, stylish design with a multitude of technical innovations, the Galaxy Watch is more than just another wearable. It is a functional, user-friendly device that anyone can learn and benefit from.

Quite the looker

We were presented with the opportunity to give the 42mm-sized Galaxy Watch a go and surprisingly, the device exceeded our expectations. The Samsung Galaxy Watch features a refined aesthetic that isn’t too bulky and is conspicuous enough to masquerade as a normal analogue watch.

Everything about it feels premium and the build quality seems sturdy enough to withstand quite a few bumps, knocks and scratches during daily wear. Sporting US MIL-STD-810G compliance and a water resistance rating of 50 metres under the ISO standard 22810:2010, users can wear the Galaxy Watch with peace of mind knowing that even if it rains, it will be safe.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch features an “Always On” watch face mode so those who prefer to have their watch displaying the time constantly, can opt to do so. For the rest of us though that would prefer to conserve battery life, the Galaxy Watch features a gesture control which can be used to activate the screen and display the time.

This gesture control is triggered by simply turning your wrist and never ceases to amaze at how responsive it is. Nevermind the fact that it’s pretty darn cool flicking your wrist and watching the screen light up like you’re in a sci-fi movie.

Keep going

When it comes to battery performance, the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch sports a 270 mAh battery and touts a 120 hour battery life from a full charge. Using the Galaxy Watch’s various apps and other functions such as the Bluetooth PC control or leaving it on Always On mode will result in the battery draining faster.

In the week we had the watch, we found Samsung’s claims to be quite accurate regarding battery life. Users will certainly be pleased to know that they won’t have to charge their watch every single day. Though it must be mentioned that charging the Galaxy Watch is quite a painless process thanks to the wireless charging dock provided – Users can simply take off their watch, dock it and forget about it for two hours until it’s 100% charged and ready to go for another five days of usage.

Activity trackers abound with the Samsung Health app integration being available out the box. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will automatically track how many steps you take per day, how many calories you’ve burned and will also monitor your heart rate and sleeping patterns with little to no user interference required.

Users will quite literally be able to wear the watch and let it get to work after a very minimal setup process. Samsung have made it easy to understand and work their device and this is well worth praising in a world where nobody has time to read manuals or dig through multiple menus to get things to work.

The User Interface is incredibly easy to use, with the two side buttons serving as “Back” and “Home” respectively and the touchscreen watch face being quite responsive to finger taps and swipes.

Turning the analog clock face to the left or right moves between menus and users can customise their screens to their liking. A range of digital “watch faces” are available and changing between them takes less than five seconds. The Galaxy Watch is also able to track your stress levels and encourages good, healthy behaviour by reminding you to get up and move around after prolonged periods of inactivity.

Multi (face)ted

Samsung have allowed for a wide variety of additional apps to be installed onto the device to further expand on its usability such as Spotify for listening to music and Strava for real-time GPS tracking for running and cycling.

Whether you are a university student working on assignments or someone in the corporate world with tough deadlines, the Samsung Galaxy Watch could be indispensable in organising your life.

Reminders, notifications and calendar event integration being readily available as well as being able to pair up with your smartphone to receive calls and messages makes the Galaxy Watch a wearable with a purpose.

Throughout the week we made use of the Galaxy Watch, we managed to record over 50 000 steps, an excessive amount of calories burned, monitored our less than stellar sleep pattern and used the device to organise our day-to-day doings and we couldn’t be happier.

If you’re looking for a wearable device that is reliable, easy to use and has a multitude of applications which can better your life, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is it.



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