Razer will have an Xbox One mouse and keyboard on the way next year

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Razer has some gaming peripherals slated for 2019, but what makes these impending arrivals different from the ranges the company routinely releases is the fact that they’re designed for the Xbox One.

They also happen to be a new keyboard and mouse, which Razer will be showing in full at CES 2019 come the 8th of January.

The peripheral manufacturer initially teased an image of both devices a month ago, but has now been actively advertising the full reveal of the new hardware, according to The Verge.

Razer and Microsoft have been partnering for about six months on hardware for the Xbox One, but no actual devices have come to fruition as of yet. The keyboard and mouse featured in the header image above will therefore serve as the first.

With Microsoft aiming to bring the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms closer together, and making its console controller compatible on Windows devices, it’s about time that did vice versa.

This is something the Xbox One community has been asking for, and the addition of a keyboard and mouse could certainly help in improving the gameplay of FPS or RTS titles.

One that springs to mind is the upcoming Halo Infinite, which could be an exclusive for the Xbox One. As such, we can certainly see a bundle including the game and the new Razer keyboard and mouse in the offing.

There aren’t that many more details on the peripherals, so we’ll have to wait until 8th January for Razer to yield more information, such as pricing, global availability and title compatibility for its Xbox One hardware.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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