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Spotify Wrapped recaps your year in music in glorious fashion

Despite having only launched officially in South Africa in March of this year, we urge South Africans to check out Spotify Wrapped 2018.

The campaign is presented on its own site and once you’ve connected your Spotify account it will dive into your year in music. You will need to have Spotify Premium to access Wrapped but it is currently on special for R5.99.

As this was the first time in South Africa, some of the numbers are rather strange. For instance, our listening increased by two billion percent in 2018 from 2017.

That’s a lot of aural damage.

Spotify Wrapped also generates two playlists for users. The first is your top songs from 2018 and the second is titled Tastebreakers.

A quick scan of the Tastebreakers playlist generated for us features songs from genres we might not usually listen to. It’s essentially an extra Discover playlist.

Spotify Wrapped generates 11 slides in total about your listening habits throughout the year including the first song you discovered this year.

For us that song is Y-tjukutja from Uhuru featuring Buckz, Oskido, Professor and Uri-Da-Cunha.

If you’re looking for something to do later this afternoon why not compare your tastes with those of South Africa at large. We’re not saying that will be fun but it will waste a few more hours at the office while you wait for 5PM.

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