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Three Nicalis titles are coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019

Developer and publisher Nicalis – best known for the Binding of Isaac series – will port three of their games to the PS4 in the new year.

This was announced recently with a trailer called the “Nicalis PS4 Experience” which has been embedded below.

The trio of titles include: The End is Nigh, Dungreed and Crystal Crisis.

Only Crystal Crisis has been given a firm release date of 23rd April, 2019, with the other two coming out some other times during next year.

As roguelike fans we’ve put the most time into Dungreed here. While we did enjoy our eight or so hours with the title before moving on, we’re hard pressed to give it any kind of recommendation as it just isn’t unique enough to be memorable.

If you find the roguelike selection on PS4 lacking compared to PC, you may still want to give it a try.

The End is Nigh is also a mandatory experience for those who poured countless hours into Super Meat Boy (Edmund McMillen being behind both titles), even if most agree that the newer title doesn’t compare to that classic platformer.

The End is Nigh is available already on PC and Switch with Dungreed on PC alone and a Switch port already announced.

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