In today’s mixed bag of news the Humble Store – the storefront for single games attached to the popular Humble Bundle service – has expanded to include Nintendo games for the Switch and 3DS consoles.

While this is great news for the possibility of high price Nintendo titles possibly appearing in future Humble Bundles, it comes with some unfortunate downsides.

Firstly these games are only available to those in the US for the time being. This usually wouldn’t be a problem due to the fact that the Nintendo Switch at least is region free and can be swapped over with a few settings changes, but the Humble Store will not even allow you to view the games on sale unless it detects you’re in the right place.

We used a VPN to poke around and took a screenshot for those unable to look themselves, find it at the bottom of this story

If you are in the US (or you can trick the Humble Store into thinking you are) head on over to the Nintendo page to look around.

If this isn’t a deterrent, the lack of features expected from Humble surely are. As many people have pointed out after trying to buy games already, these titles are exempt from Humble Rewards – the store’s 5% “cashback” – and the charity contributions that this service is so well known for.

Reading comments elsewhere also suggests that the 10% discount offered to Humble Monthly subscribers also don’t apply here.

While this is all very disappointing it’s always good to have other options around to buy your games and we can only hope that this is a small taster for this kind of content from the Humble Store and other sites. The hope is that more regions will be added in the future and the unique benefits offered to other games make their way to these and other Nintendo games later.