Last week Apple forecasted that its first quarter for 2019 would be rather lacklustre, with the company tempering some of the expectations for the rest of the year as well.

With devices and hardware perhaps being less of a focus for 2019, it seems as if Apple will be placing greater emphasis on health-related services.

This according to a recent interview that CEO Tim Cook had with CNBC. Cook did not divulge the nature of said services, only mentioning that the firm has been working on them for a number of years now.

Furthermore, Cook rather boldly stated that in the future when anybody asks what Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity is, the answer would be “health.”

As such it looks the CEO is really trying to talk up the company’s plans for the healthcare and fitness sector this year.

“On services, you will see us announce new services this year. There will more things coming. I don’t want to tell you about what they are,” teased Cook.

“They’re things that we feel really great about, that we’ve been working on for multiple years. On the healthcare, in particular, and sort of your wellbeing, this is an area that I believe, if you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question, ‘What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind?’ It will be about health,” he continued.

With the exact nature of Apple’s healthcare ambitions a mystery right now, more details will likely be revealed at the company’s annual WWDC conference (dates TBC) where developers will be able to examine and interact with some of the tools and platform that Apple creates.

In the past we’ve seen the Apple HealthKit be put to use within the Apple Watch ecosystem for patient care, and the ResearchKit being used as a platform for those in clinical fields to conduct studies.

As such it will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with.

“We are taking what has been with the institutions and empowering the individual to manage their health. And we’re just at the front end of this,” ended Cook.

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