CES 2019 isn’t just about home electronics and computer hardware, although much of the first few days of the expo have been dominated by such announcements, there are a few other sectors getting in on the action in Las Vegas.

Case in point the car industry, with a new Nissan Leaf model being announced by the Japanese carmaker. What makes this latest hybrid car particularly noteworthy is the fact that Nissan has improved the driving range yielded from its battery / motor-powered engine.

More specifically the new Nissan Leaf e+ can muster up to 363 kilometres from a single fully charged battery.

As always when talking about hybrid car driving ranges, it’s important to note that the estimated figure is always under certain driving conditions and styles, so don’t expect to get to 363 kilometres if you like to race between robots.

In terms of the hybrid powertrain, Nissan has tuned the 150kW motor to produce 45 percent more power and improve the acceleration time between 80km/h and 120km/h by 13 percent, if you’re into that sort of thing.

As for the battery portion a new 62kWh option has been placed inside the Nissan Leaf e+, which not only helps to extend the driving, but also takes the same amount of time to charge as the previously smaller battery pack that featured in past models.

It still remains to be seen whether the Nissan Leaf e+ will be headed to South African roads, but the hybrid car is set to arrive in its native Japan later this month. This will be followed by the United States from March onwards, and then Europe and other select regions in the middle of of the year.

Hopefully South Africa is deemed to be one of those select regions, as the number of hybrid options available to consumers locally is rather limited.