As part of the underwhelming Nintendo Switch Online service, three NES titles are usually made available to subscribers every month, but the first month of 2019 bucks that trend.

In January the “new” games available are Zelda II – The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master.

Regardless of what you may think of these games and Nintendo’s continued tone-deaf rehashes, those in Japan are receiving a third game in the form of Joy Mech Fight. It seems this odd fighting game was never reworked for the West and Nintendo just didn’t feel like putting in the extra effort to give it to us now, despite this seeming like the best opportunity to do so.

You can see the game in action in the Japanese trailer for the new additions to Nintendo Switch Online. You can see the English version – sans Joy Mech Fight – down below.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if almost the entire Switch install base weren’t already fed up with the laziness on display with this service. Cutting out Joy Mech Fight on top of these old NES ports instead of newer systems is just another slap in the face for subscribers.

All we can really offer up here is a laugh in the form of a satire article from The Hard Times: “Nintendo Says They Haven’t Gotten Any Faxes Complaining About Their Online Service“.

At this point we think digging up a real fax number for Nintendo and offering up our criticisms that way may be a legitimate idea.