There is good news for students who applied for funding and were rejected by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). The scheme has reviewed and approved over 10 000 applications that have been previously rejected.

The directive was introduced by NSFAS administrator, Dr. Randall Carolissen, for applications to be reviewed, as one of the measures to ensure improvement in standards and quality in student funding decisions.

The decision came after thousands of students who were rejected for funding, had an uproar on social media and accused the scheme of denying applications with insufficient grounds for doing so.

“The success of this process has seen over 10 000 applications being unblocked,” NSFAS spokesperson Kagisho Mamabolo told IOL News.

The scheme says that some of the students were declined funding for mostly incorrect information about their financial circumstances. It also warned students who are applying or have been approved for funding to be cautious as there has been incidents of phishing.

“The appeal process will be introduced as the last option for students to request a review of their outcome, for those whose final status will remain unchanged after the second verification,” concluded Mamabolo.

[Source – IOL News] [Image – CC O Pixabay]