In recent years the Oscars have been one of the most talked about award shows around, and mostly for all the wrong reasons. They’ve had to deal with issues surrounding the diversity and representation of its nominees, as well as a few on-air snafus such as the La La Land / Moonlight fiasco.

Now the 2019 Oscars will come into the spotlight again for the wrong reasons, as reports suggest that the Academy is going to ditch having a host for the first time in 30 years.

This according to Variety, which adds that instead of Kevin Hart, who was originally meant to host the 2019 Oscars, producers of the show will ask high-profile attendees and nominees to fill the gap. In particular they say that the nominees for the “Music in Film” category could play a more prominent role in the awards show.

As such we could see the likes of Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar and Dolly Parton get more screen time than usual.

The Academy is yet to comment on this reports, or indeed issue a statement on the hosting issue. The last we heard from them, they had asked Kevin Hart to apologise for homophobic tweets and comments he made a decade ago due to criticism and pressure the Academy was feeling online.

Hart has since addressed the issue and apologised, but decided to step down regardless, and has stood firm in not wanting to get the hosting duties back.

With a little over six weeks until the Oscars take place on 25th February, there is still time for Hart to get re-hired as host, or for another entertainer to step in and fill the void.

As such things still look up in the air at the moment.

To hear Hart’s side of the story, watch this clip from The Ellen Show below.

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