When it comes to physical props for movies Weta Workshop is the gold standard having worked on a seemingly endless list of films from Avatar to District 9, but now they’ve stepped into the world of games with Path of Exile.

In a new video on their YouTube channel (embedded below) they walk through the process of turning the Starforge sword from the game into a physical prop.

This process starts with a 1:1 print of the sword (a paper 2D affair, not 3D) which is used to gauge the size of the weapon to see if it needs to be scaled up or down to look proper.

The blade was then cut out of steel and manually worked into shape. While Damascus steel was considered here, the blade was simply too big for that to be a possibility, so it was faked with what looks to be a chemical process. The blade was then painted the appropriate shade of purple.

The crossguard was 3D printed, cast in wax and then into bronze. The rest of the pieces – including the gem in the middle of the sword – were joined together with glues and brass rods.

While we do love hobbyist builds it’s always great to see how professionals do this kind of work, and we’re always happy to see Weta in action. They don’t upload very often but we definitely recommend subscribing to them for stuff like this.