The first game from Devolver Digital to be released in 2019 isn’t the usual fair for the publisher, as the cutesy puzzle platformer Pikuniku hits stores before the month is out.

As you can see from the announcement trailer down below, you will need to team up with other similar characters to progress through the world in a campaign promised to be between four to five hours long.

While Devolver is the publisher here, the developer is a group of four people going under the name “Sectordub“. This collective consists of people who have worked on titles such as Reigns, 0rbitalis, Lovely Planet and more.

As far as we can tell this is the team’s first game as a group, but given this publisher’s track record for putting out quality titles from new devs, this is hardly a concern. Enter the Gungeon, a game we consider to be one of the best pieces of software to come out in the last 10 years or more, was put together by a new studio and published by Devolver.

If you’d like to pick up Pikuniku it’s available on Steam or GOG for PC, and the eShop for Switch. At the time of writing only the US eShop has a price for the title at $13. We’re sure that we’ll see localised pricing closer to release.

If this game just isn’t your speed the next title from this publisher is Ape Out, which is a violent top down title where you control a gorilla. We like to call it Hotline Cincinnati.