Whenever you cannot play a specifically formatted movie or video on your PC or notebook, you often turn to one media player – VLC.

It’s part of the reason why the media player developed by VideoLAN has proved so popular, and recently passed a rather significant milestone.

Said milestone comes in the form of 3 billion downloads of the software, with the team behind the media player setting up a counter at their booth at CES 2019 this week.

Having since surpassed the 3 billion mark, when the counter was initially set up, the VideoLan team expected to reach the milestone by the final day of the expo (Friday 11th January).

While we thought that the vast majority of downloads for VLC would be on PC or notebook, it turns out that mobile makes up quite a large chunk, with Engadget reporting that it’s around 25 percent.

With mobile accounting for a quarter of its user ecosystem, it makes sense for VideoLan to add more applications and functionality to that aspect of the experience. As it turns out they’re planning to do exactly that, with the addition of AirPlay support.

There is no fixed date for when this feature will be available to users, but a developer at CES did note that it’s expected to launch within the next few months, allowing Android users in particular the ability to beam videos to Apple TV devices.

Some of the other features currently in the works include a VR mode that would convert 2D content for VR headsets, along with an enhanced media library. Unlike the AirPlay support, however, there’s no indication if those features will arrive in 2019.

[Image – VideoLAN]
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