A few weeks ago Jack Black started a YouTube channel out of nowhere under the name Jablinski Games, with an homage to PewDiePie and his chair.

The next upload on the channel celebrated the quick success of the endeavour as it hit a million subscribers.

Since then we’ve seen two more videos both focusing on arcades Black visited along with his son. If you’re a bit confused at this point you can watch all four videos in less than ten minutes and it really gives some context to this seemingly random series of events.

It appears that the channel is a joint effort with his son Samuel Black who, according to the video descriptions, is one of the editors.

At this point it would be easy to say that the entire channel is his son’s idea and a way for the two to bond (which has been speculated by many), but Jack Black has had an interesting relationship with YouTube over the past few months.

As 2018 came to a close he and Kyle Gas, as Tenacious D, began uploading crude animations to their channel under the name Post-Apocalypto, which acted as promotion and a fictional story for their album by the same name – a great listen, by the way.

After the disaster that was YouTube Rewind 2018 and the platform’s endless promotion of its celebrity-based channels, it’s nice to see someone with a following outside of the website use it in a more restrained way and, come on, who doesn’t love Jack Black?

The Jablinski Games channel is currently sitting at 3.2 million subscribers and we’ve embedded the latest video which came out over the weekend. If you ever wanted to see Jack Black sing along to Megalovaniam from Undertale, this is the video for you.