Smartphones may be the most vital piece of consumer tech these days, but for a student, it may very well be the tablet.

Bridging the gap between phone and notebook, these devices hold a myriad applications and depending on which one you pick, can come in quite handy.

Larger than a smartphone, their increased screen real estate lends them well to reading ebooks, as well as learning how to write or draw thanks to a stylus, not to mention the plethora of applications available on mobile devices these days.

Not all tablets are created equal, however, and if you’re working on a budget, as most parents are, it’s often best to choose a tablet that caters to your needs.

To that end Samsung has a number of great value for money tablets in its lineup, with each designed to help learners at specific times in their educational journey.

Here we look at four of the best options currently available locally.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (7.0) and Galaxy Tab E (9.6)

The first two tablets are designed for those children just starting out their student lives, and just coming to grips with the fact that tablets can be used for more than just games.

The Galaxy Tab A (7.0) is ideal for children who are learning how to use applications and looking to use their tablet as a learning resource. This particular model isn’t too large coming in at 7″ and weighs 289g, which means it won’t become unwieldy.

The Tab A (7.0) may not be a flagship model, but certainly is well specced enough to take care of the basics, with a 7″ HD display (1 280 X 800), 1.5GB RAM and 8GB storage. It’s only the former that’s on the small side, as most smartphones these days are 5.5″ and up in terms of screen size.

If that is a concern, another entry-level tablet worth considering for a child in the midst of adolescence is the Galaxy Tab E (9.6).

It’s slightly larger than the Tab A at 9.7″ and features the same specs across the board such as 1.5GB RAM, 8GB worth of storage and an octa-core processor. As such it still takes care of the basic requirements that one expects from an Android tablet, while affording youngsters more screen real estate to enjoy and interact with.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1)

Speaking of creativity one of the great things about a tablet is the ability to work with a stylus. This allows them the opportunity to draw, create and annotate in a more engaging way than a smaller tablet or smartphone does.

To that end the Galaxy Tab (10.1) is a good option here.

It’s a bit more higher specced than the previous tablet models mentioned, while also being well sized at 10.1″ The aforementioned display delivers Full HD visuals (1 920 X 1200), which is an important aspect for watching educational tutorials online.

Added to this is an octa-core (1.6GHz) processor, 3GB RAM and 16GB of storage, all of which lends itself well to multitasking should your child be ready to move on from the basics.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.5)   

The last tablet worth mentioning from Samsung is the larger Galaxy Tab A (10.5), and is particularly designed for students in the latter stages of their high school careers, or entering universities and varsities.

The generous 10.5″ screen (1 920 X 1 200) offers superb clarity and crispness, which is nice to have on hand when not working and wanting to enjoy some movies and TV series online.

When it comes to work though, the Tab A (10.5) can more than hold its own, with a 1.8GHz octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. It also supports the S Pen stylus which is a great multitasking tool and a handy 8MP camera to snap pics when needed.

Additionally, all versions of the Tab have a Micro SD with expandable memory.

To find out more about the great value for money Samsung tablets designed for students, head here.

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