Nike is readying to reveal its latest shoe innovation, with the company debuting a teaser video for its self-lacing basketball shoes.

This isn’t the first time that Nike was debuted the self-lacing technology, having done so for limited edition Back to the Future-inspired MAGs, the ridiculously expensive HyperAdapt and now this yet-to-be-named basketball shoe.

To hype up the reveal, which is scheduled to happen later today at 15:00 local time, Nike took to its Twitter page to showcase a video of the shoes being tried on.

Nike tapped several of its NBA and WNBA athletes, with the general consensus being that the shoes are quite unique in terms of how the self-lacing tech works. Whether it is indeed different to the E.A.R.L system used in the HyperAdapt shoes remains to be seen.

One nifty new feature is for these latest offerings is the ability to tighten or loosen the self-lacing system via your smartphone. While we don’t foresee LeBron whipping out his phone to lace up courtside, the feature could certainly be useful for those sneakerheads who are unable to lace up themselves due to physical constraints or disabilities.

This is one benefit of self-lacing technology that Nike has talked up in the past, and should it prove popular on this basketball shoe, perhaps the company will port the system over to other sports or lifestyle shoes.

As for price, more will be revealed later today, but Engadget says they should cost around $350. That’s expensive, but certainly far less than the $720 asking price of the experimental HyperAdapt.

Whether basketball players or sneakerheads in SA will be able to get their hands on the new shoes, remains to be seen.

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