While new and upcoming roguelikes are always available en masse on PC, there’s less of them on the Nintendo Switch, but the console is getting one more in City of Brass come 8th February 2019.

This first person adventure into the titular City of Brass has you plundering a cursed town armed only with a sword and a whip you can use for all manner of things outside of hitting your enemies in the face. Ever wanted to rope swing over a spike pit or grab a faraway piece of gold as you flee the scene? You can do that here.

As interesting as this premise is, we reviewed this game at launch and saying that it didn’t get our recommendation is putting it lightly. The environments on offer here were absolutely plagued with irritating traps that are difficult to see, the combat is a bit too simple, and the sense of progression and upgrades which drive titles in this genre is uninspired.

Despite all these problems it appears as though the game has been updated since launch, at least going by the Steam announcements. We still highly recommend waiting for reviews on this one, not just to see if a new batch of pundits like it, but also to find out if performance holds up on Nintendo’s console.

If you’re looking for a roguelike you can play on the Switch right now, our go to suggestion is always Enter the Gungeon. Since launch that title has only been improved with free DLC and the port is great, with the exception of some slowdown in particularly hectic scenes.