Powerhoof is an indie dev we fell in love with when they released the party game / dungeon crawler / roguelike Crawl, and now they seem to have revealed a new title in Acid Knife.

We’ve been following the developer’s Twitter account for some time now where it has been sharing videos and screenshots of a new project, but yesterday seems to be the first time the developer gave it a name.

This was shared in the tweet below which was meant to simply show off the menu and titles screens but, as far as we know, this is the first time the name of the game had been shown to the public.

While Acid Knife may just be a working title and that may be changed when we get an announcement, it’s still nice to learn a bit more about the game we’ve been seeing snippets of lately.

More of the game can be seen by scrolling through the Powerhoof timeline, but from what we’ve seen this game shares a visual look somewhere between Nongünz and GoNNer.

As for gameplay we don’t know much yet outside of the fact that this is a sidescroller of some sort, which makes it noticeably different from both Crawl and their most recent title Regular Human Basketball.