Mobile World Congress 2019 is a little over one month away, which means it’s time to talk about upcoming smartphones.

One manufacturer that has come into the spotlight prior to the week-long event is LG, with a report arriving via CNET regarding their G8 flagship phone (unofficial name).

As in past years, the South Korean manufacturer is looking to differentiate itself from other phone makers by adding an attachable screen to this upcoming device.

It’s unclear what purpose adding a second screen would have, but seeing as how other companies like Samsung are utilising foldable displays to add more form factor options to their devices, perhaps this is LG’s way of offering something in the interim while it still tries to figure out how to make foldable displays work.

According to CNET the second screen would fit onto the G8 like a case, and could therefore allow the phone to have front and rear facing screens.

Whether such a gimmick will win over consumers is unclear, especially as LG has lost ground to the likes of Apple in recent years, and has since been surpassed by rivals like Huawei.

With LG said to have multiple devices in tow for MWC 19, hopefully they have more to offer than just the G8 and its attachable second screen.

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