In the past we’ve featured the strange YouTube channel “kiwami japan” for creating functional kitchen knives out of unconventional materials such as ice and adhesive. Over the weekend the channel may have made its most impressive creation so far in this bismuth build.

Without seeing the video or opening up Google, you may already know what bismuth is thanks to its beautiful colours and geometric shapes.

As is the channel’s MO, this isn’t something we’d expect a utensil to be made of, but with enough time on the grindstone it is eventually possible.

One oddity here is that the hardest of the finished knife is not tested. In recent videos from the channel a durometer is used to see how hard the finished product is when compared to past knives.

Speaking of being odd, if you’ve seen other videos from the channel you’ll know that the presentation and shooting style here is very strange and there’s a few visual gags carried over from previous episodes.

One warning for this video before you hit play, as we saw many people angry about this when the video first aired: the knife is destroyed by the end of this little project as it’s melted down and destroyed.

This isn’t the first time this has happened on the channel – the jello knife suffered the same fate – but we can see how this could be frustrating to watch.

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