Last week we reported on rumours that Motorola is working on a new version of its iconic RAZR clamshell smartphone. While Motorola (which is owned by Lenovo) has not commented on the rumours, a design filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has added a bit more credence to the claims.

The design was filed in mid-December last year, and for all intents and purposes looks a lot like the RAZR from more than a decade ago, bearing the same chin that the original also sported.

As for this design, it looks to be a little shorter and wider than its predecessor, along with featuring a foldable display most crucially to ensure that clamshell shape is retained. That said, we think this new RAZR will fold up like a wallet more than a clamshell.

With foldable displays for smartphones yet to hit the market, the Motorola RAZR should form part of a new wave of devices that manufacturers will be unveiling at MWC 19 in Barcelona next month, with Samsung and LG also said to have foldable models in the works.

Which one will garner the most attention remains to be seen, but from what we can tell foldable display tech does not come cheap, with Motorola said to be listing the new RAZR at around $1 500 (~R20 800).

If Motorola does indeed reveal the device next month, it still remains to be seen if the device will be brought to South Africa, especially as the brand’s presence in South Africa has died down since the Moto Z modular phone debuted a couple of years ago.

[Image – WIPO]