The past few months has seen most Tesla news story involve founder Elon Musk and his penchant for saying whatever comes into his mind on Twitter.

Thankfully this latest bit of news involves the electric carmaker’s Model 3 vehicle, and the fact that it is now ready to be sold in Europe.

Up until now Tesla has had to wait for the greenlight from the individual EU member states, but a recent nod of approval from Dutch vehicle authority RDW circumvents all of those administrative hurdles.

In terms of the version of Model 3 that Tesla will be selling in Europe, Bloomberg reports that it will be the same long-range battery iteration that the company currently sells Stateside.

Entering into Europe will prove pivotal to Tesla, added its CEO Musk, especially as the company enters a “very difficult” period as he terms it. This difficulty stems from the fact that Tesla has to retrench a large number of its employees in order to deliver on a more affordable Model 3 for bigger vehicle markets.

With Europe’s electric vehicle (EV) market currently dominated by the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, it should prove interesting to see how their EV compares to their German counterparts.

This arrival in Europe should also be of interest to local motoring enthusiasts, as it hopefully means that once Tesla cracks the EU, it will turn its attentions to the South African market too.

With Musk stating that SA was one of the countries that Tesla aimed to launch the Model 3 more than two years ago, the wait is still on to get the vehicle on our roads.

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