The beginning of the 2019 academic year comes with challenges for many prospective first year students who are making their way to their respective tertiary institutions.

Most of these students have received communication from their respective institutions, but many have not replied clearly to the universities on their intent to study, which could lead to disappointments.

Wits University for example, says that first year students must adhere to deadlines given to them by the institution for accepting offers. There are more than 210 000 spaces at universities and all of them are being taken up, adds the ENCA.

“What we however do expect of students, once they have been made an offer, is that they accept it within the deadline that we give them, once we make an offer we stand by it, and we are very careful when we make offers,” explains Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University, Martin Veller.

The institution also states that the reason that there are deadlines, is because there is a long waiting list of prospective students. The university adds that it needs to be fair to everybody who has made communication with them of potentially getting space.

[Source – ENCA] [Image – Wits University]