After the recent cancellation of an open world game, people have been once again reminded of the lacklustre job EA is doing with their exclusive Star Wars licence. Distracting us a bit from that today, prequel fans will be happy to see Count Dooku in Battlefront II.

This was announced and shown off in a community update video embedded below.

Count Dooku looks appropriately suave here and the devs really did the late Christopher Lee justice here right down to the curved hilt lightsaber. There will be more skins to change this look up in the future.

In game this character can shock a group of enemies with Force lightning, debuff targets with slower movement, and the ability to change stance for higher damage.

The other big announcement here is that the Geonosis map will now be used for more game modes. Not as exciting as a new Sith to play, but we’re sure it’s good to hear for those still playing the game.

Aside from the trailer the full details of the update – appropriately called “Darth Tyranus” – can be found here.

The last time we spoke about Battlefront II is was for a similar reason as the asthmatic robot General Grievous was added to the game. We’re glad to see so many of these free updates coming to the title after the massive loot box controversy it experienced at launch.