When it comes to the survival horror genre of gaming, few franchises are as successful as Resident Evil, with 7: Biohazard being one of the more memorable recent entries. As for the silver screen version of Resident Evil, apart from perhaps the first entry, it has left much to be desired.

Nevertheless that hasn’t stopped Netflix from giving it a go, with Deadline reporting that the streaming platform is working on a series for the survival horror title.

At this stage details are thin on the ground, with casting, plot and indeed production dates still unknown. What is being mentioned though is that the same German production company behind the film franchise, Constantin Films, is going to helm this Netflix project.

If true we’re a little hesitant to watch the series, especially as the movies did not do the games justice.

That said there is plenty of material for Constantin to draw from, as the Resident Evil gaming titles are rich with inspiration to draw from. The aforementioned Biohazard game for example has plenty to delve into if turned into a series, and as Nick Cowen put it in his review, it put an interesting Texas Chainsaw Massacre twist on the zombie genre.

Whether Netflix viewers will be keen on a zombie project remains to be seen, with those types of films and TV series well trodden with the like of The Walking Dead.

That said, zombies seem to draw in eyeballs, otherwise there wouldn’t be a new take on it every year.