Google is yet to lift the lid on its upcoming Android Q mobile operating system, which it will likely do at its I/O conference later this year, but that has not stopped some rumours floating around about some of the features that are baked in.

One of the more interesting, as XDA Developers reports, is the possible inclusion of facial recognition, akin to that of Apple Face ID. More specifically, it is said to work should the device in question be capable of reading and recognising virtual dots projected onto the face of a user.

Android devices have featured this sort of technology of late, most notable being the Galaxy S and Huawei Mate offerings, but it is believed that both have had to customise the Android OS quite a bit in order to achieve the feat. Add to that the fact that both use their own skinned version of the operating system.

As such, should this rumoured feature be true, it could prove quite interesting for other Android phone makers, especially as it opens up the opportunity for more biometric-based applications, and not simply security to unlock your phone.

It also means we’ll be getting a swathe of new animated emoji to deal with.

With no comment from Google at this stage it remains to be seen if this rumour turns out to be true. Also unclear is if older phone models with front facing cameras will be able to use the feature, or whether it will be exclusive to a select number of newer handsets.

With the Android ecosystem in need of some reinvigoration, it should be interested to see what Google has cooked up for Android Quality Street (unofficial name).