Samsung is in the news again, this time round it’s not to detail one of its upcoming smartphones, but rather a new change to the packaging that the South Korean manufacturer will use moving forward.

More specifically the company took to their official blog to announce that it would be switching to sustainable materials for its packaging, with the change said to happen sometime in the first half of 2019.

“Samsung Electronics is stepping up in addressing society’s environmental issues such as resource depletion and plastic wastes,” said Gyeong-bin Jeon – head of Samsung’s Global Customer Satisfaction Center – in an official statement.

“We are committed to recycling resources and minimizing pollution coming from our products. We will adopt more environmentally sustainable materials even if it means an increase in cost,” he added.

This new packaging will replace specific elements for different product lineups within Samsung, including their smartphones, tablets, TVs, refrigerators and kitchen appliances.

The smartphones, for example, will feature pulp moulds for the phone holder tray instead of the plastic ones that are currently being used. The design of chargers will also change, with a matte finish applied in favour of the shiny version.

According to Samsung, this shift is not simply an á la mode thing either, with the company also laying long terms plans for its shift to sustainable materials.

“Under the company’s circular economy policy, Samsung Electronics has set a mid-term implementation plan to only use paper packaging materials certified by forestry initiatives by next year. By 2030, Samsung aims to use 500 thousand tons of recycled plastics and collect 7.5 million tons of discarded products,” the blog post ends.

Whether Samsung can stick to such an objective remains to be seen.