If you’re an avid user of Apple’s FaceTime video calling app, you may want to put it on pause for the next few days.

This as a newly discovered bug for the application that is proving quite invasive.

More specifically the bug was discovered by 9to5Mac, which Twitter user Benji Mobb showcased in action via a tweet. The bug in question allows someone who is calling you to hear and see you before you’ve even picked up the call.

The issue is reportedly happening due to a break in logic when it comes to group calls. While choosing not to list the steps involved in this bug, we can say that it essentially fools the phone into thinking a group chat is currently underway, hence the ability to hear and see before the call is actually picked up.

What makes this bug even more worrying is when users opt to turn the volume down or dismiss the call, it automatically turns on the front facing camera, which is of course a serious violation of privacy.

According to TechCrunch this bug has been found on numerous iPhones running iOS 12.1.2. The website reached out to Apple for further comment, with the Cupertino-based firm stating that “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.”

While Apple appears to be working on a fix in the interim, it may be worthwhile to simply disable FaceTime in your settings.

With security and privacy one of the key iOS pillars that Apple has been touting of late, this is not a good look for the tech giant.

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