The system software on the Nintendo Switch has jumped from version 6.2 to 7.0 bringing with it not much at all really.

The official post about the update lists three “improvements” included in this change: new user icons, additional language support and “general system stability improvements”.

The six icons come from the recently released New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which we’re not sure anyone really asked for but that seems to be the theme here.

The language support is for Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese and seems to be making changes specifically to the home menu.

Finally those nebulous stability improvements are supposed to “enhance the user’s experience”, whatever that means.

We’re not entirely sure why Nintendo continues to ignore the wishes of its community which has been begging for more substantial updates like game folders and a proper web browser since the launch of the console back in March of 2017.

The prevailing theory is that all these seemingly meaningless updates are for security. Not against actual threats which can’t even be accessed (remember, no browFser) but against the tyranny of “hackers” trying to run emulators and third party features – you know, the stuff Nintendo themselves haven’t gotten around to adding in yet.

But hey, we got two NES games this month in their fantastic value online service, so I don’t know why we’re complaining.