Earlier this week the Transparency International (TI) survey revealed that South Africa was ranked 73rd out of 180 countries when it comes to the level of corruption in the public sector.

In response to the report President Cyril Ramaphosa said that corruption in government and in business must be dealt with harshly.

“We should hold our hands together and protect our country from corruption, if we move this country forward, we need to work together,” said Ramaphosa.

While addressing delegates attending the Business Economic Indaba, in Midrand, Johannesburg, the President added that this will be the last time South Africa is rated among the corrupt countries, he also called on businesses to work with the government to move the country forward.

“We need to build the image of our country by putting the right people with relevant skills in the right positions. We must make sure that even the people appointed are able to do the job,” noted the President.

According to the president of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), Sipho M Pityana, businesses are willing to work with government to move the country forward. He also noted that businesses need to define their roles and contribute to the economy and must come up with the blueprint for how they will assist in driving the process of inclusive economic growth.

“We should therefore use this Indaba to identify pressing challenges and set the tone and narrative of how we can play our part. Over the past year, we have made huge progress in restoring the spirit of purposeful partnership among key role player in the economy,” concluded Pityana.

[Source – SA News] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]