When it comes to self-lacing shoes, Nike has been leading way, having released a couple of iterations over the past few years.

Now Puma is looking to get in on the action, and recently debuted their new Fit Intelligence (Fi) self-lacing shoe for training.

They also released a video of the show in action, pasted below, showcasing dome of the features for this new system.

Like Nike’s HyperAdapt system, the Fi variant uses a motor to loosen and tighten the lacing mechanism. Interesting though, Puma has placed the control of the Fi on the tongue of the shoe, with a finger swipe up or down tightening or loosening the shoe laces respectively.

The Puma Fi also sports mobile support, with an iOS app developed for now and using a similar swipe gesture to change the fit of the shoe. Added to this is the ability to see the status of the motor’s battery, which can be recharged via a wireless charging pad, but it’s unknown how much that will set you back.

The electric blue illumination is just for effect.

Puma says it spent the last three years developing the Fi self-lacing shoe, with it set to go on sale next year for around $330 (~R4 400), but it remains to be seen which regions will be receiving the shoe.

Also unclear is whether Puma plans to make any refinements to the Fi between now and its 2020 release. A few different colourway options for example, wouldn’t go amiss.

We’d also like to know what will happen should one of the laces for this system break. Will Puma be able to repair or offer a replacement? We’ll have to wait until closer to the Fi’s release for more of that information.

For now the only thing left to see is whether Adidas, another German brand, also enters the self-lacing fray anytime soon.

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