Nintendo‘s favourite plumber is ditching his blue dungarees for a doctor’s coat as the Japanese company announced on Twitter that a new mobile game is on the way – Dr. Mario World.

The upcoming title is expected to launch later this year, on both iOS and Android, with Nintendo also confirming that it will be partnering with Line in order to bring it to fruition. Those avid Mario gamers locally may not be familiar with Line, but it’s a popular messaging service in Southeast Asian countries akin to WhatsApp.

It’s unclear what kind of format the game will take, but if it’s anything like the 90s title of a similar name, it will most probably involve some sort of Tetris-style puzzle solving.

Dr. Mario World will also likely lean heavily on the medical theme, with the titular plumber taking on viruses as he freelances as a physician.

With Nintendo laying out its intention to design more mobile games a couple of years ago, and a handful of titles released to date, it seems like Dr. Mario World could be its biggest to date, considering it features the iconic character.

Add to that a slowing down in Switch sales, and mobile could be the main means of income for the company moving forward.

In other news

That wasn’t the only significant announcement that Nintendo made recently, as the company also noted that it would opening up its first standalone store in Tokyo, having broken ground on one in New York almost 14 years ago.

Nintendo Tokyo, as it will be referred to, will be opened up in the famous Shibuya district of the Japanese city, coinciding with the unveiling of the Parco shopping centre where it will reside later this year.

The company did not go into detail as to what would make this store unique, but did say that it would host events and tournaments, as well as sell the bevy of Nintendo games and merchandise.

The new store would also serve as the central hub for Nintendo to share information with its dedicated Japanese audience.