Students who are part of the annual Data Science for impact and Decision Enhancement (DSIDE) programme which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology have developed a new dashboard that could provide a solution to the governments service delivery challenges.

The dashboard aims to assist with identifying challenges and establishing an early warning system for issues such as service delivery complaints, budget appropriations and expenditures, a 30 day payments and vacancy rates.

“This programme aims to solve real-life problems using multiple technical disciplines, including computer science, analytics, mathematics, modelling and analytics,” said the department to SA News.

This week 16 teams consisting of 65 learners will gather in Gauteng, Pretoria to display their DSIDE projects, assisted by the Council of Science and Industrial Research (CSIR), which will be implementing the programme.

The idea will help the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DMPE) which has been tasked with carrying out this analysis, to tackle issues before they escalate into larger problems that could trigger service delivery protest.


[Source – SA News] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]