Harley-Davidson isn’t the first name that springs to mind when one thinks of electric vehicles (EVs), but the American company has slowly been making a name for itself in the electrified space.

To date we’ve seen their LiveWire concept bike, featured in a few Marvel movies, move from the prototype phase to a fully fledged offering you can pre-order, along with two further electric concept bikes.

Now Harley-Davidson has debuted another pair of EVs, both of which it took to Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado recently to see how they’d fare in the cold conditions.

Each vehicle (neither have names yet) are in the prototype phase, with it yet to be determined if they’ll hit the roads proper.

That said Harley would not have shared videos of both concepts in action if it did not have serious intentions of making them commercially available. Of the two vehicles, it is the scooter-type offering that’s most intriguing to us, especially as it will likely cost far less than the $29 799 (~R399 000) LiveWire bike.

It will also have to pass fewer regulations should Harley-Davidson hope to bring it to South Africa, which we’re holding thumbs they do.

You can check out the electric scooter in action in the video below as Winter X Games host Jack Mitrani takes it around they snow-covered streets of Aspen.

As you can tell from the video above, the concept that Mitrani rides looks far different from the image that Harley has provided in the header, with the former having more of a cafe racer aesthetic.

We like both, but are leaning more towards the polished and sleeker construction of the header concept.

With no word on when these concepts will be hitting any roads, we’ll have to wait until later this year when the LiveWire is scheduled to be commercially available for more information to surface about Harey-Davidson’s other electrified projects.