With today (5th February) being Safer Internet Day, tech companies have laid out their intention to make things more user-friendly for online communities, and children in particular.

Even Facebook is trying to play its part, announcing that it’s partnering with more than 20 NGOs on the African continent, with a campaign they’re dubbing “Together for a better internet.”

“We know that safety is a shared conversation, which is why we are excited to be working with so many stakeholders around the continent to make the Internet a better place,” said Sherry Dzinoreva, Public Policy Programs lead at Facebook Africa.

“Together, with Safer Internet Day as a platform, we can address emerging online concerns, so that people and especially children and the youth, can get the most from their Internet experience,” she added.

Along with the 20 NGOs that Facebook will be working with, this campaign is planned to include 15 countries in total on the continent, with South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria being three of the biggest.

Locally Facebook has partnered with the likes of The Film and Publication Board (FPB), Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), Google, Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) to launch the Web Rangers Programme 2019. The firm is also supporting that particular initiative with educational content.

Added to this, Facebook’s Public Policy manager for the SADC region, Emilar Gandhi, will participate in panel sessions to talk about how Facebook strives to keep its community safe.

With Facebook coming into the spotlight of late for its role in the misuse of data and privacy, we’re hoping their involvement in the Safer Internet Day initiatives are not simply for show, and the firm indeed aims to make online communities and its own platform a safer place for younger users.