Those who play the Pokémon TCG now have a new official piece of software in the form of the “Card Dex” which is supposed to be a companion management app for the physical game.

The app is available on Android and iOS as of yesterday depending on where you live with a worldwide rollout which may affect your ability to see it in on your device of choice. Here in South Africa it’s visible on the Google Play store, but we can’t seem to track it down on the App Store.

The software boasts a scan function allowing you to simply snap a shot of your physical cards and add them to your collection tracking.

If that’s not your speed you can also manually search for cards by various properties such as their hit points, type, name and more.

Those hoping to track their entire collections all the way back to the original Base Set may be disappointed to find out that the Card Dex only has support for the most recent block of cards (Sun and Moon onward) which, at the time of writing, consists of eleven expansions.

While this may seem like a niche app, but it may be a sign of more to come. Last year we reported on the fact that a key member on the development team of Magic: Arena had made the jump and had been working for Pokémon since June 2018.

The speculation is that the aging online client for the Pokémon TCG – aptly named PTCGO – is being replaced. The Card Dex app may be the first step in this process or the first bit of content made by the new team helmed by the Magic talent. That may all just be wishful thinking as PTCGO is a dreadfully lacklustre client that hasn’t had any major revisions or added functionality for years.

One final point to mention is that this app, on Android at least, doesn’t seem to work on any of the dozens of devices we have on hand. This leads us to believe that it’s restricted to tablets for now, though we can’t be entirely sure. PTCGO recently revoked compatibility for phones – even extremely large ones such as the Samsung Note 9 – so we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the Card Dex was similarly locked down. Though these problems may just be an issue of rollout.

[h/t- PokéBeach]